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Great Reviews 06/02/2013
My guy and I LOVE Sophia's. They deliver late (huge plus when you work weird hours like I do) and the food is great. Fries are crispy, desserts are yummy, and the chicken penne with pesto is awesome. One of our favorites to order from! The only thing we've had some trouble with is they have forgotten the onions/tomato/lettuce for the burgers a few times and it's not worth calling them back to bring that. Amy, ordered 21 times
Great Reviews 04/14/2013
Very good food, the dish was a little smaller then I anticipated, but still very filling. The driver was friendly and worth giving a tip. The order came hot which is unusual and what I have come to not expect. I will order from them again...oh and the dessert was yummy! Amber, ordered 9 times
Great Reviews 01/23/2013
First time ordering Sophias. It was EXCELLENT! Yummy burgers and fries for a late lunch. Food was yummy and the driver was friendly. Will order again! Michelle, ordered 11 times
Bad Reviews 01/19/2013
Pretty over-priced, mediocre pizza. The dough was not fully cooked. We ordered garlic sauce, and that was a mistake -- it was slimy, heavy, and made the toppings fall off the crust. Will not be ordering again. Joe, ordered 43 times
Bad Reviews 06/08/2012
Spaghetti and meatballs had no taste. The meatballs were small and cut in half , and the pasta sauce was bland and barely any taste, sauce was so watered down. The garlic bread was bland, was disappoint to spend $18 on food that was horrible. I don't know if it was because we ordered late at night but it was a let down. I wouldn't order here again. : ( Amanda, ordered 17 times
Bad Reviews 01/19/2012
gave me an attitude after they were the ones who messed up my order and gave me shit. Jeremy, ordered 45 times
Ok Reviews 06/25/2011
Order was 20min late, but was worth it. Food came hot and tasted good. If they fix their delivery time it would be a thumbs up. David, ordered 95 times
Bad Reviews 06/07/2011
I don't believe that giving me a small salad for $8 was a mistake (especially since they knew my order without me tellng them my name or address). I keep forgetting not to order from this place... David, ordered 68 times
Great Reviews 05/06/2011
The food is tasty. I order the salad and philly steak sandwich which is really really yummy. Like it. Yanling, ordered 69 times
Bad Reviews 04/02/2011
my pizza was not how i expected, order the two toppings special it had like 2 sausages in the whole pie and some canadian bacon very little cheese and they forgot my pinaple. thumbs down this time. Jorge, ordered 67 times
Ok Reviews 02/12/2011
This restaurant is pretty much the picture of average. They do some things right, but some things not so well. My pizza had some nice quality toppings, but underneath was a mountain of cheese that was oddly rubbery. This combined with a terrible job cutting the slices, resulted in toppings everywhere but on the slice. Also it was somewhat soggy and took 75 minutes to get here. Aldon, ordered 127 times
Great Reviews 02/07/2011
i believe i have found my new favorite place! the food is great (philly cheese steak and chef salad)!!! i will order from here again :-) Jeramiah, ordered 101 times
Great Reviews 02/04/2011
Tried for first time was tasty and delivered in the expected amount of time. The sausage was real italian sausage as opposed to the grey pellets that a lot of places use which is a definite plus for me. A little pricier than other pizza places but with the use of coupons their prices are competitive. I'm looking forward to trying other items on their menu and well definitely be ordering from there again! Kali, ordered 30 times
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Yelp's Reviews 165 reviews
Pizza was top notch! Authentic! Crust was thin but not to thin....toasty edge! We ordered the Margarita pizza which was delicious! Love the pesto base and... read more...
Posted by Katie O. on

I was walking my dog down ocean ave and come across Sofia's pizza. Hands down the best customer service I've had in a while and the the pizza was amazing!!... read more...
Posted by Bryner D. on

Stopped in on a recent trip for some lite fare. It didnt disappoint. The Margarita pizza was mouth wateringly good. Lovely customer service not sure about... read more...
Posted by Mike J. on